Touchscreen Macs in 2025 - is it True?

Apple Is Working on Adding Touch Screens to Macs in Major Turnabout

Quite possible that Apple hasn’t even made a final decision about 2025 products yet.


No one knows for sure what Apple is going to release until Apple releases it. Everything is a guess. Some outlets have a better track record than others, and German has one of the best, but all he can say is that they might. Apple may still scrap the entire idea right before releasing.

Apple researches and builds prototypes of all kinds of ideas. Very, very few of them see the light of day.


As someone shopping for a PC laptop, I noticed the touchscreen craze has kind of died down on Windows. Five years ago or so, everything had a touchscreen, but quite a few the machines I have looked at now do not. So Apple kind of missed the craze, although on other Apple type forums I always see people demanding touchscreens and getting a lot of likes. Having owned a few MS Surfaces, I have zero interest in touch screen Mac.


Ergonomic nightmare. Touchscreen large displays are ideal for low contact Kiosk but for general computing they’ve made little sense for the masses. Fatigue comes from having to raise the arm, engaging the deltoid muscles.


Yes! I read this forum comfortably leaning back in my chair with a finger or two extended forward to the touch pad of my M1 MacBook Air.

It is another level of effort to sit up and place my hands onto the keyboard to reply.

It would be yet another level of effort to lean forward or reach out to touch my screen and try to make valid multi-finger and two handed gestures. (Which is something I found I did NOT enjoy when I tried it with an iPad propped in front of a keyboard!)

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That was my experience with a Surface in laptop mode, my arm would get tired and it’s kind of awkward. Every time I discuss this with others though, they swear it’s a nice option to be able to use occasionally. People don’t seem to think it’s a concern.


It’s easy enough for true believers to test out with an iPad and one of the many available keyboard accessories.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I would love an iMac like this:

I’m not sure touchscreen MacBooks make sense, but an iMac that I could set at an angle and use as huge surface to draw on? Yes please.


I would be very surprised if there were not touchscreen Macs somewhere in the depths of Apple’s development labs. Likewise for Macs running iOS, and iPads running macOS, and … you get the idea.

As noted above, will any of these items make it out of the labs? I doubt even the folks at Apple know that just yet.

While I find the headlines interesting as to what may happen some day, I rarely click into any such pieces. The details are surely off the mark, and not worth my time. And if the headline starts with, “What we know about X”, I start to avoid that publication, as they don’t respect me as a reader.

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Saw that today as well and its interesting at the very least. I find it funny that people who only got into ‘computers’ with iOS try to touch my MacBook screen to do things :joy:

My theory is that the first wave of touchscreen laptops were just a novelty on a traditional laptop. The next wave, foldable laptops, is actually useful, and an area where Apple can make something that looks and feels great, so they’re going to participate.

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You can still use a mouse, trackpad, and physical keyboard on a touch screen computer. No one is forcing you use the touch screen exclusively. Having a touch screen Mac would be a nice option and I’m sure Apple would do something Appley with it to make it an even better experience. I don’t understand all the negativity around having more options coughthirdpartyiosappstorecough.


Personally, even after owning some touch screen laptops for several years, I have never thought even once that it would be nice to be able to touch the screen on a laptop (I know that’s just me, just saying I don’t think it’s as great as others think it is).

The concern is what they will do to try to optimize the OS to work with touch, mainly by making the UI larger or more spaced out. Windows 8 tried to do it and it sucked. So then MS went to two version of their apps, a touch version and a normal desktop version, and that sucked. And then you have the way Windows currently is, mostly only MS apps support touch, everything else, touch is an afterthought so it’s mostly pointless.


One thing holding back a touch screen on the Mac is that you would have to redesign the UI on the Mac to make good use of touch. Touch targets meant for a finger are quite different than those meant for a mouse, trackpad, and pointer.

The Mac is quite mature in its use of menus and also tooltips that appear when you hover the pointer over something. The user interface is much less discoverable on touch-enabled mobile devices. The ability to safely try something and then undo that action is much stronger on a Mac than on touch-enabled devices. I fear what we will lose if iOS overwhelms the Mac.


I had a 27’’ TouchScreen Windows PC standing in the Kitchen during my DarkAges, and it just did not work out well.
The Idea was, to not need an keyboard there, and we ended up adding a keyboard, and moving the PC to an other place, to work with it, because there was a large lack in precision for the “Touch”, and also a lack of reaction.
I used an industry standard touchscreen with an prototype we operated a couple of month for a Central heating, and it was the same bad experience there.
I can’t imagine leaning across the desktop, to ouch something on my large screens right now in front of my iMac. Beside the finger print problematic, it is just uncomfortable, and with the iPad attached, unnecessary.

This :point_up:
So annoying that your finger is always in the way of what you’re trying to manipulate.
Then if you twitch when you remove your finger, you start over.

Here’s Gurman’s article for those who are interested.

Big Mac Pro cancelled, M2 Ultra Mac Pro may happen (but memory isn’t expandable, and no CUDA support, etc. so Intel / Nvidia will still reign supreme, like this $80,000 Supermicro workstation, or Nvidia’s $100,000 workstation. ).
iMac Pro might happen.

In my mind the idea wouldn’t be that we’d need to redesign the mac UI for touch, it’s that certain applications could take advantage of having a touch screen. In reference to the imaginary touch screen iMac, I’d love to be able to run OmniGraffle on it to draw out my network and software diagrams with an Apple Pencil, then easily move back to the keyboard for writing documentation. Or whiteboarding with Freeform.

“So Apple wisely waited to see if the craze would stick”

There, I fixed it for you :wink:


I’m regularly amazed how small the targets are that can be accurately touched on an iPad. Things less than 1/4th the width of my finger, easily tapped