Tracking count of Pocket articles, emails, and podcasts?

So I have various things such as how many pocket articles, emails in my All Mail, and number of unlistened podcasts I’d like to keep track of. Aside from excel, any app suggestions to keep track of my progress made and counts?

Curious if anyone has any thoughts, commenting again for visibility.

Excel, Numbers and Google Sheets come to mind. Google Sheets would let you set up a form to log entries with timestamps. Are you looking to do anything special with the data?

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That would be nice and easy. No just a weekly check in or so about my progress. Ensuring it’s going down is my only real requirement

Is there a way to have Google Sheets email me weekly to fill out?

It’s probably easiest to have something like Zapier send you the email:

Ran a test and it worked flawlessly!

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Can I add a question for the google form? Forgot to add a podcast count of unlistened episodes.