Tracking expenses and mileage

Hi all

For the next couple of years I need to track all of my living expenses and work driving mileage.

I’ve just bought the Receipt app for receipts and it seems perfect, however it does not track mileage.

I’m currently using a spreadsheet but ideally I’d be able to log miles using my phone easily.

What apps/workflows do you use to track business mileage?

All my driving information get’s put in to Road Trip. It’s not automatic, but allows me to track my real life MPG, as well as my total expenses.

For years I’ve been using Tap Forms for travel logging for expenses and other aspects of the trip. There’s a bit of investment of time upfront to create a database, but it provides a lot more customization and personalization than any generic travel app. Syncs with Tap Forms desktop, is available on iPhone and iPad, and can export the data to .csv and other formats for analysis and reporting.

Support Quorm’s comments re Tapforms. What for me started as a simple mileage record now includes type of work, location, times, payment info and splits between work/personal and taxable/non-taxable etc. Highly customizable with rock solid performance.