Tracking inidividual phone call duration on ios14

I’ve done a fair amount of searching for this, but I keep coming up empty.

I need to track my phone call time with customers. Is there any way to find out how much
time specific phone calls take, on iOS14? I don’t mind using a 3rd part app, but I hope I don’t need to resort to this. This seems like a basic requirement of a smartphone, but it is eluding me up until now.

Phone app, Recents tab, tap the Info button to the right of a call.

Ok, now I see it.

I did see “Info Button” in the search results, but the little blue i icon isn’t a button to me.
Now that I tap on it, I do see the call duration.


Does anyone know of a an app that can go through my call history, ideally within a date range) andcreport the total call duration for any selected contact?

That would be especially useful.

Thanks in advance.