Tracking Lab Results

I am hoping to do some kind of spreadsheet or graph of my lab results from my Oncologist and PCP. The files that I am able to download are either an XML or PDF. While I realize there will be some heavy lifting involved, I was hoping to find something (presumably an XML to CSV hack) that would allow me to easily parse out specific and/or related lab tests over a period of time. Sorry for the wonky, but hopefully someone knows of what I am asking and has some ideas…

Here is something, that might be helpful (I haven’t tried it myself!)

or maybe this

Thank you for the assistance! Unfortunately, it appears as though Microsoft has abandoned that app, and the last version is a 32-bit… I was able to find a template that might help, but it involves a lot of cutting and pasting… something to do whilst I wait for bar exam results

Have you tried to just open it with Numbers?

Would you consider using an online solution? A google search of “convert xml to csv” (without quotes) came up with a lot of sites.

I think my suspicion/paranoia about the security of these sites is why I haven’t tried them. This is a lot of my private medical information, and I guess I’m not 100% that uploading it to a site for modification is such a great idea…


LibreOffice can handle XML and put the data into a table. If I recall correctly, in the “Data” menu there’s “XML Import” or something like that…