Tracking mileage

My Accountant told me to track my miles, I’m confused can I just figure out how far the location I’m going to is? Say 10 miles or do I have to keep track like this 50,000 miles start end 51,000 miles?

Have you tried their latest device? I got an email this week saying my first gen automatic would no longer be supported.

In the USA if you are tracking mileage for purposes of tax deduction the rates are dependent on ‘business miles’ which do not include mileage to and from work; the IRS considers where you live a personal choice and, thus, a personal expense. I initially learned this decades ago in B-School, when the prof slyly recommended everyone set their offices a block from home.

Using an Apple Watch or iPhone might be more troublesome than noting the odometer.

Google is your friend for more info, like this link.

Tracking must use ‘adequate recordkeeping’ which for most people is a logbook of some kind, handwritten or electronic, usually based on car odometer numbers.

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