Tracking sick days?

I’ve had a few colds this winter that have interfered with my normal workout routine and, in one case, kept me home from work. I’d like to track this in the health app, but there doesn’t seem to be an “illness” or similar category.

Is anybody tracking their sick (or sick-ish) days? How?

Just in my company’s time reporting system. It sucks, but it’s at least 1:1 with what HR sees, so I can depend on it.

If you really want to track sick days, create a new calendar inside your Calendar app for that, and make each sick day an all-day event. You can then focus to see all historical ‘events’ for that calendar.

If it’s a matter of not completing rings because of illness, there are several ways to game the app to close rings; for example, since can you manually add a workout and it will count towards the rings, so if you miss a stand goal add a 1 minute workout to the missing hours and they will fill, achievements and all.