Tracking symptoms using iOS Health + Apple Watch

I find the stock iOS Health app very convenient in tracking general health data and, more importantly, symptoms such as pain level, fatigue level, headaches, back pain, etc.

Several times daily I capture some of this data using the iPhone.

I thought the AWU would be a way to bring this process closer to my fingertips, but, alas, I was mistaken: there are no complications to input symptoms in WatchOS.

The feature exists in the iPhone Health app, but not for the WatchOS. Has anyone else noticed this unfortunate omission? And has anyone found alternatives?

(I am open to using third-party apps, but the data has to end up in the main hub which is the Health app in iOS.)

I believe this is by design. The Apple Watch is good for measuring things like heart rate, blood oxygen, etc and automatically populating the health app from the watch sensors. Typing or inputting any kind of data on the watch is clunky and hard to do. The iPhone is easier to use for this manual type of input.

How about a Shortcut? You could have multiple specialized shortcuts or a picker. With few enough menu items, it should work.



Unfortunately, it only allows me to log “Present”. Missing are the options “Mild”, “Moderate” and “Severe”. I see no other way to input this. :confused:

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