Trackpad issue MacBook Air

Suddenly today my trackpad on my MacBook Air stopped working, I.e. I couldn’t press down anymore on it but I could use just a tap

A spoke with someone who said it might be the battery pressing agains the track pad and pressing it up. So he suggested a new battery which is also a new keyboard etc.

Has anyone heard of this?

yes. saw that years ago on a MacBook. Swollen battery. Call Apple soonest. If true, a fire hazard.


I had the same problem with an old MacBook. I replaced the battery, and it solved the problem.

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I would take it to Apple for a definitive answer. The suggestions about battery swelling are probably more relevant for older Macs though. On newer models, the trackpad doesn’t actually move so it wouldn’t be affected by anything pushing up into it. The click you feel isn’t the trackpad actually moving, it’s a fake click generated by the Taptic Engine.


I handed in for repair. Luckily a month remaining on the warranty. It came back with this message: recalibrated trackpad.

I failed to enquire what that actually meant. Does anyone know?

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Glad it was not the battery. Search the interwebthingy for “macbook recalibrate trackpad” for some ideas on what it means.

A swelling battery would distort the case and it probably would not shut cleanly. Granted it’s easier for a plastic windows laptop to distort than an aluminium MBA or MBP.

On the used M1 MacBook Pro I just bought, I turned off force touch, and that seemed to make the left click work better.