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My father-in-law has used cable one email for years and in January it will no longer be supported. Customer service can’t help him transfer his email and the suggestion on the cable one website of importing it into gmail only moved his inbox over and nothing else. He is a surgeon that has used this email as his primary account for his practice and needs to move over about 20,000 emails. Does anyone have bay automation suggestions that could help me transfer or forward all those emails to another account?

edit HIPPA is not an issue here, he uses his email for the business side since he owns his own practice. No patient confidentiality issues exist.


How does he currently access the account?

If you’re going to Fastmail this works great:

Otherwise why not just download it all and move it on the Mac then wait for it to upload?

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He should be able to download it to his Mac and then upload it to the new server. For a business account he should be using his own domain and hosting the mail somewhere secure (HIPAA). Better yet, quit using email as a filing system. His situation highlights the problems when you do that.

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Yup. This is how I migrate IMAP email all the time for customers. 20k messages is a LOT of emails though, and will probably be very slow - but definitely doable.

Unless there are tons and tons of sub-folders, just grabbing a folder or two at a time, dragging, and then walking away until it’s done should solve the problem. I tell people to do it before they go to bed, and just leave the computer on overnight.

Absolutely agree about not using email as a filing system, also. If he needs a permanent archive with good search, DEVONthink is an option, as are dedicated pieces of software whose job it is to create a searchable local archive from IMAP mailboxes. :slight_smile:


Thank you. Also, no HIPAA violation. That’s only used for his business since he owns his practice. Patient info it’s never on his email. I totally agree that email is a terrible system how he’s using it, but I’m just trying to help him solve his current problem. I will try to download it as you describe. I appreciate it

I’m surprised that HIPAA would allow health providers to use any unencrypted email since you can only protect your side of the conversation.

I can attest this works amazingly well. Been transferring almost 20 years of archives* from Gmail to Fastmail and it was a breeze. So well, even, that moving out would be difficult now.

* I know Gmail hasn’t been around for 20 years, but when I used Gmail, I had moved there my much smaller archive, and it kept growing, as these things do.

Add both accounts to a mail client. Then drag&drop.


So moving from Fastmail out is difficult?

Nope, it’s regular IMAP, it’s just that I have a HUGE archive… and that would be a pain, but that would be the case with any provider.

Thanks for clarifying. I’ve been looking at FastMail and wanted to know about any cons or pain points with FM.

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Come to think of it I moved about 12000 old messages from FM to icloud (mostly listserv stuff) via the Mac about 5 years ago with no problems.

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I’ve been using FM painlessly and happily since 2002 with no issues or downtime.

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