Transfer to MacOS Files with Custom Tags from Files App on iOS

My need is to categorize large number of pictures using Tags on an Iphone, then be able to see the same on MacBook Air laptop.

I am happy with results on iphone using files app - tags and custom tags work perfectly.

I want to understand if it is possible and how easy to transfer same files not loosing custom tags.

Thanks for any replies !

Welcome @Ercan

Tags and label colors applied to iCloud Drive files in already propagate to iCloud Drive in the Finder in macOS.

But not with Dropbox, which syncs tags between Macs fine but not to/from iOS.

Sad but unsurprising.

Thanks for the responses. I would like to avoid cloud (not practical to upload/download) however directly transfer to macos - say via air drop (ad hoc). Would tags still be preserved? Please also help confirm if custom tags (created at iOS) can be transferred to macos.

Thanks - and amazed on interest and fast replies !

You’re welcome.

say via air drop (ad hoc). Would tags still be preserved?

Do you not have a Mac?
This is easily testable.

The answer is: It depends on what application is adding the tags. Tags may be visible in an application but not necessarily applied in the filesystem.

If you added the tags in, yes they’d be preserved when Airdropping them to the Mac.

I am planning to buy the mac air specifically for a use case where custom tags are critical. Currently do not have the Mac. However I tested at a friend successfully - airdrop on the standard tags (files app → Mac pro). My still concern is if any custom tags created at iphone - files app can be preserved (automatically created) at macos.

If you have devices to test appreciate - I am checking my end options to test as well.


Reading your reply again - should I assume , tags will be visible in macos only via Is there a way to also apply the same tags at filesystem level using the on Macos. This will be needed for further applications to use the same files with tags outside of

Yes, I tested the process before posting.

As I said, it depends on the application you’re tagging in, so no you can’t rely on this statement, “any custom tags created at iphone”, as being a given.

A small correction: There is no on macOS. It’s the Finder. And yes, tags made in iOS’ are seen as Finder tags on the Mac.

It seems you’re suggesting you could apply tags in the Finder and have them propagate to iOS. This would be possible if you’re tagging files directly in iCloud Drive.

If you Airdropped tagged files from macOS to iOS, the tags do not appear to be preserved.

Thanks a lot - this is very clear ! My use case heavily from ios to macos and using This gives me trust to go ahead and become a Mac user.

Kudos to clarity on answers and speed ! Have nice day / week !