Transfer Trello to OmniFocus


How do you tranfer your Trello files to OmniFocus?


You’re probably better asking this question in the OmniFocus Discourse forum

Contact Tim Stringer at

Trello files, as in attachments? Or are you talking about tasks. The easiest way is to connect Trello to Omnifocus with your OF email dropbox using Zapier.

I use apple Shortcuts to filter on the trello card and then transfer the title, description & date to Omnifocus triggered automatically to run at the end of the day. Have not tried file attachments, let me know if you try and it works.

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Actually, I am trying to move out of Trello to Omni Focus? How do I transfer the info from Trello to Omni?


Depends on how you’re using Trello. If your cards are mostly just one-liners, you can use this script to convert one whole board at a time to TaskPaper. Then you can paste the TaskPaper into OF. You’ll need to change line 40 to print(taskpaper) for python 3.

You can customize this script to add more TaskPaper fields, but you’ll need a different approach if your individual cards are complicated.