Transferring a lot of data from iCloud Drive

I need to transfer about 25-30 GB of video files from my iCloud Drive to a UBS Drive.

I just plugged in a USB-drive to my iPad Pro and it takes forever if it will finish properly. So this is not possible.

Any other way to do this without a Mac?

Go to an Apple Store, explain situation to employee, and see about using a new Mac to log into, and use the store’s fat data pipe to more quickly download there.

Otherwise, find a friend with a good connection whom you trust to let you temporally log into iCloud.

Or spend ‘forever’ - 25Gb on a 10Mbps download connection would take 6 hours, and a 100Mbps connection would take 40 minutes.

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Is it clear that a Mac would help? If the bottleneck is downloading from iCloud, you need to get somewhere with a faster network connection. Unless the local transfer from iPad to USB drive is what’s holding you up (and the restriction is from the iPad, not the drive), a Mac won’t make it go faster.


I don’t think that’s possible to use a floor model Mac in the Apple store this way…
At least not in my store. All the floor Macs are imaged and maintained by Corporate. But your suggestion of finding a friend with a good connection is better than trying to find an open Apple store for the next few weeks!


Thanks!! We don’t have an Apple Store in Denmark so I don’t know about that one

It definitely transferred faster with a Mac. I think there is some sort of limitation on transferring via USB to/from iPad. On the Mac with latest USB ports it was quite fast

So I guess setting up a new account on my friend’s machine, checking if there’s enough space on the drive for my iCloud files and then downloading those video and audio files and transferring them would be the best way right

Just connect your external USB drive to your friend’s machine, then designate it as the download location. That way your friend doesn’t need to have free space. And it shouldn’t involve setting up an account, merely logging into iCloud.

I believe you. I’d suggested considering it (not possible since there are no Danish Apple Stores!) because a friend was given permission to temporarily comandeer a store Mac to log into the iTunes Store to purchase some app on sale while his machine was out for repair; so I thought maybe they’d permit the occasional download too. Not surprised if there’s a blanket policy against it though.

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I will create my own account temporarily as it will also allow me to create some multi-line text snippets for use on iOS that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time