Travel Wireless hub

I am looking for a wireless hotspot for a vacation.

What do you think about Rav Power File Hub AC750

What are you looking for it for? As a data hotspot for you and your family, or something you can plug a drive into and everyone can stream films from?

Stream movies on flight, maybe plug into Ethernet at hotel to provide WiFi without all the hotel charges and lastly to backup photos from SLR camera and iPhone.

Not really an answer to your question, just an observation that setting up your own WiFi access point/streaming device is probably not permitted on most (any?) flights.

Thanks for the heads up I’ll check but on the last flight I was on they have Wi-Fi on the plane and I could get email

I would just be joining a different Wi-Fi network

Yup, they have WiFi on lots of planes now; I was just connected yesterday :slight_smile:

The problem would be with creating your own WiFi network. That’s completely different than connecting to one for a couple of reasons: The signal strength from a wireless access point is much stronger than from endpoint devices and creating your own WiFi network would almost certainly cause radio interference with the one that’s being provided by the plane.

I’d absolutely contact the airline(s) in question long before your flight and ask. The rules around this kind of thing are pretty strict and with aviation, the penalties can be severe.


If for the other reasons which one would u select