Tree Style Tab Really Help with Lots of Open Tabs


These Tree Style Tab extensions can really help with lots of open tabs…



any better tab extensions for Chrome?


Can anyone recommend a Tab one for Safari?


The in-beta Kagi browser, Orion, does this by default.

(I switched back to Safari for now because of a few minor bugs, but will probably adopt Orion as my default browser in a few months.)


I’ve also been tinkering with Orion, and I like it’s tree-style tabs. I’m pondering whether I can make it my default browser (I’m currently using Vivaldi)

What are the main bugs you’re seeing?

The biggest issue I’ve seen so far (for my workflows) is that Orion breaks the browser extension.

What about the Tab-Groups of Safari?

The Zotero extension doesn’t work at the moment, and there were a few minor issues with tab management and syncing I’ve reported to

Vivaldi is the thing you’re looking for!

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Thanks folks for the recommendations of Orion and Vivaldi.

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Edge has a similar feature with its vertical tabs and Chromium’s built-in tab groups, though creating new groups isn’t as easy as Orion/Vivaldi/TST.

Wow I just check that out - Very Awesome Tab stuff!

Looks like Safari has been sleeping!


This might be my new Main browser.


My main issue with Vivaldi is that it does not seem to be the most performant of the Chromium-based browsers. Maybe because it tends to allow for tab proliferation :-? Apart from that it is a tweaker’s dream, the capability of embeding websites into sidebar floating panels that are available in any browser window at the touch of a keystroke is simply unparalleled. The Mail client I do not care much for. Edge is kind of nice, not really any issues with it, I’d say it’s faster than Chrome.

Regarding Orion the developers are very responsive but I find something in the tabs UI that really does not click with me and there are small issues here and there (for example switching sheets in a Google Sheets document, or audio issues with WebKit in Google Meet). Oh, and it is fast (FAST!) reminding of the good old lean, speedy Camino browser.

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Yeah that’s the same issue I have with Vivaldi. There’s also currently no power management features, so it’s not great on battery. And no iPhone app, which means no syncing on mobile. I still follow development though because I was a big fan of old Opera on Presto, and they have (and I believe were founded by) ex-Opera people. Love the unique tab grouping features, too.

Speaking of power management features, Edge has them built-in, with a feature called “Efficiency Mode”, which I keep turned on. While it’s still not as efficient as Safari, Efficiency Mode does get Edge a lot closer with my usage than other Chromium-based browsers.

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Also note that Vivaldi only supports two levels of hierarchy, which could be too limited for intensive uses. On the other hand, that could also be a feature that helps beginners keep their tab “tree” tidy and manageable.

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Thanks folks for the update on Vivaldi.

I have a friend who has so many Safari tabs open that it is impossible to tell one from another. For him, the left side vertical tab System is a very helpful option.