Tribit XSound Go (bluetooth speaker) lag / latency when watching video

I recently bought a Tribit XSound Go bluetooth speaker. It works fine when listening to music, but I’ve run into trouble when watching video. After about 30 seconds or a minute, the audio from the speaker has become out of sync with the video.

The same thing happens on both Mac (MBP) and iOS (iPad). I’ve used a different Bluetooth speaker with this Mac and had managed to watch entire films without such issues.

The apps I tested on were VLC and Safari on both platforms.

Any suggestions about how to troubleshoot this?

Try the following:

VLC on Mac:

VLC on iOS: when playing a video, tap on the screen to bring up the controls. Tap on the fourth icon from the bottom right (looks like a clock). You can adjust audio delay there.

Not sure how to fix in Safari.

BTW, audio delay over Bluetooth is a common problem. Some apps try to detect that a Bluetooth audio device is attached and delay the video to match the audio but it doesn’t alway line up good enough to not be detected.

Thanks for the tips @JoePreiser. Unfortunately, it looks like the lag is not consistent so I’d have to be re-syncing the audio with the video throughout, which doesn’t seem like fun.

I contacted Tribit support and they told me that I should update the speaker’s firmware to “improve the audio delay problem”.

Unfortunately, this update requires a Windows application that they provide. I asked if there was a macOS option but, alas, there was not. I updated the firmware via a Windows PC and it sounds like the issue has been resolved, but I haven’t had a chance to test the updated speaker thoroughly because I’m on the road.