Trick to charging Apple Watch on a battery charger?

Every time I go camping, I bring a battery pack to charge my iPhone and Apple Watch overnight. While the phone is just plug and charge, I always have trouble with the Watch. For one thing there’s the usual problem of it falling off the charging puck since there’s no stable flat surface in my tent to keep it. But, worse, no matter what I do, it won’t charge off my battery packs.

I have both Anker and RAVpower battery packs and when I connect the Watch via the Apple charging pack, I get the ding and green lightning bolt, but it just won’t charge. Am I missing something? Is there a better travel charger out there specifically for Apple Watch?

I have a Jackery Giant+, with a 5V2.1A port that will charge my Watch 6 – it is very very very slow however.

Edit: it looks like Jackery has pivoted to just making solar chargers and big batteries.

I’ve heard of people having similar issues and speculating that the watch doesn’t draw enough power from the battery pack to keep it active.

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I have a Ugreen charger/battery for the watch, which they don’t make any longer. The charging puck is built into the charger, so a flat surface isn’t as essential.

Screenshot 2021-07-26 at 13.55.47@2x

Perhaps there are other chargers like that around.

My Anker battery pack has special mode for the watch. I don’t remember why exactly, but as you said, something about it not drawing enough power in the normal mode.

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Do you know which Anker battery pack that is?

Anker PowerCore.

Look for things with this: “…trickle-charging mode for low-power devices.“


This! I used to try charging my BeatsX headphones with a generic battery pack and they would only charge solidly once they had a minimum charge and then not all the way until full. I put this down to the slower charging rates used at ‘either end’ of the charge cycle. Which kinda made it useless for me because I only needed to charge from battery because they turned off with insufficient power while I was on my commute.

I did not know about this! Wish I’d known. But now I’m living the AirPods Pro lifestyle it’s no longer a problem for me. Might still be worth investing in one, though.