Triggering PopClip with a keyboard shortcut

I have the weirdest behavior that I have had no luck troubleshooting. I cannot get the appear Popclip Applescript to run when I’m editing files in VisualCode. It used to, but has stopped. It works in other applications. I can get it to come up in other applications - have tried trigging with Alfred, Keyboard Maestro and BetterTouchTool. All having them run an AppleScript instructing pop clip to appear, triggered by a keyboard shortcut. This works in Drafts, on webpages, whatever, just not in Visual Studio Code. Interestingly, PopClip does appear in Visual Studio Code if I drag select text, just won’t trigger that Applescript. Might there be a setting I messed with?

Any other ideas?


Did you perhaps exclude VSC in PopClip?

Screen Shot 2021-10-12 at 5.13.11 PM

Also you might have the same shortcut key configured in Visual Studio Code to do something different.

No, but I didn’t know that the exclude apps existed, thanks for mentioning it! PopClip does work in VSC, but only when I select text with the mouse. What is failing is my attempt to trigger an Applescript via keystroke that works in all my other applications to make PopClip appear.

I have checked for conflicting keyboard shortcuts. I’m really at a loss!

I find Short Cut Detective and Cheat Sheet to be helpful in these situations.

Your new avatar made me think it was someone with an Apple face mask.

Kind of looks like it!
I had a guy on Fiverr make a set of Memoji for me.

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