Trim Time Machine backup - remove ol large files?


I have a 1TB sdd in my MacBook Pro, and an external 4TB time machine drive The TM drive is now getting to full, and I would like to know what the best way is to trim it, so that I can continue using it.

I know, I have several large (huge?) files, and likely some VMs on the time machine, which I could safely delete. What is the easiest approach for this? Are there any tools, which can help?



If I recall correctly, you can go to the folder where the large file lives, go into TimeMachine, right-click on the file and select delete all backups of .

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True - but I do not remember all of these. And I also do not remember when I deleted these. So finding is important.

TM will free up space on its own once the backup disk is too full to make another backup.

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But why do I get sometimes “backup could not be completed, not enough space left” (or similar)?

I do not know! I’ve only received the message that older backups are being removed. I’d be interested to know why you get the message that you get.

Yes I get that message and consequently Time Machine inoperative. I recall you could force Time Machine to “override” this status and start deleting or thinning older files so back ups can continue.

I cannot find how to do this by searching web.

Appreciate it if anyone has suggestions re this.

Got the message again

Any suggestions?