Triple tap confusion

Can’t find flashlight option on triple tap. Confused.

You can create a Shortcut to toggle the flashlight and select that shortcut for double tap or triple tap.

Phone or iPad?

On the iPad, you can turn on the magnifier in accessibility, then add it to the triple-tap options. The magnifier has a flashlight control.

You can also add it to control center.

I have the shortcut but not seeing it or even the shortcuts section in accessibility.

Not all devices support 2/3 tap
I’m on an iPhone 8plys and that does not support it

Me too. I have tap but not for flashlight?

Hmm. I’m not clear on where you are looking or what device you have.

For me, I have a Shortcuts list under the Double Tap and Triple Tap sections of Back Tap in the Touch section of Accessibility:

Thanks for responding. iPhone 8plus. It’s precisely that shortcut list that I’m not seeing.

I don’t have the Flashlight Toggle option however I was able to set up magnifier which has a flashlight within it.

Cool. Just to clarify, the Flashlight Toggle shown in my screen shot is a Shortcut I made, not a built-in option. Glad you got it working.

I’m REALLY looking forward to all the creative Shortcuts people have for this option in a few weeks.