Tripmode for Ipad?

Hi, anyone know of a good app to use for my iPad while traveling that is similar to trip mode on a Mac. This is the first vacation I’ll be taking my iPad only but I want to limit my data usage to only those applications that I need. As far as I can tell trip mode does not make An iOS version.

iOS allows you to control which apps can use cellular data at a very granular level. You can go to settings, scroll down, and tap a particular app and turn cellular data on and off for that app. Or you can go to Settings > Cellular Data and scroll down to the “Cellular Data” section (this list may take a few moments to populate). There you can all your apps and how much data each app consumed since the last time you reset this counter (I’m not positive but an app may not show up in this list if it’s never attempted to use cellular data).

Thanks Chris. I’ll be on WiFi but hotel WiFi , which can be slow and tripmode was perfect for my MacBook. Thanks For responding and if I use my iPhone to tether I’ll take your suggestion for sure

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I’m pretty sure an iOS device’s cellular data settings only affect when it uses it’s won cellular connection, not if it’s tethered to another device if that’s what you’re planning to do.

Would love to know if anyone has found a solution for this.

Yep, I normally use between 1 - 2 GB a month. After tethering the new iPad I have burnt through 2 GB in 3 days! I would like to know a solution for this too!

It wonder if there’s a way to use Siri Shortcuts to prevent apps from using cellular data when tethering my iPad to my iPhone. In other words, since there’s no Tripmode for iPad, could we use Siri Shortcuts to do the same thing? Anyone know anything about this?