Tripod Stand for iPhone

Trying to get a good tripod stand for my wife for her iPhone. She records videos for her instagram for her business when she showcases a project, or her writing. Also needing some kind of light fixture or box recommendation that can provide natural light. She has a calligraphy business if that makes a difference for any recommendations.

I love the Pixi Evo 2 from Manfrotto with a Studio Neat Glif. Any large’ish LED panel should be fine for even lighting, for instance the IKEA Floalt

Depends on what you mean by good… :wink:

I got one of these selfie-sticks to use as a boom arm for taking photos of cat or squirrels etc…
It has a couple of features that might be useful, the handle splits out to form a tripod and the bluetooth trigger / shutter button disconnects as to be used as a remote control.
I’m not sure how ‘energetic’ calligraphy is, if a demo is being recorded then you might not want the tripod on the same table so that no vibration or wobble is carried through to the camera.
If you need a floor standing tripod to hold the iPhone then basic studio light stands start very cheaply and you can usually get spare spigots & adapters to match then screw thread. That, paired with the Studio Neat Glif that @airwhale has suggested might work.

As for lighting, many you tubers seem to like the LED ring lights, amazon has loads of them at all sorts of price points. I would recommend that you get one where you can adjust the colour temperature even if it’s just by clipping on a filter. Many of then have 3 settings, cold, warm and somewhere in the middle. A very cold white light doesn’t always look that flattering and it should allow you to balance it a bit with other ambient / room lighting.
Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive, even a bare-bulb diffused by hanging a white sheet in front of it can work.
Depends on the price point you’re working to, you can get really expensive if you want to.
If you’re thinking big budget then this video might give you some inspiration:
(Note, in this video he has the blind mostly closed so outside light won’t affect the lighting setup he’s created).
In fact, just search youtube for “Youtube setup” and you’ll find loads of videos on the topic. :slight_smile:

JOBY Griptight Pro 2.