Trouble signing up?

If you’re having trouble signing up because you haven’t received an activation email then don’t worry - for the first week it may take up 24 hours for the activation email to arrive (hopefully it won’t!). We’re monitoring the situation and trying to get that straightened out as soon as possible.

P.S. If you didn’t check your spam folder then do check there!


Alright, team. We went ahead and upgraded some more aspects of the site to help fine-tune the details. So any new sign-ups should get the activation email immediately.

Unfortunately, the previous activation emails were dropped in the process. My apologies for that. So if you haven’t gone through the activation process, you can do so by visiting your user preferences or by attempting to Log In.

It the former case, you can find your user preferences here:


In the latter case, just hit the Log In button at the top and attempt to log in. It’ll ask if you want to resend the email.

If this process gives you any issues, please post a reply here and I’ll do my best to help.


Fourth time trying was the charm for me to finally get the activation email. :smile: