Troubleshooting 2011 MacBook Pro Airport Card

Hi everybody, I’m dealing with some airport card issues (most likely)

I have an old early 2011 15’ MacBook Pro that in the last few days is acting strangely, wi-fi wise.

Often when it starts up or wakes from sleep it takes a lot (well, more than usual, in the range of a couple of minutes) of time to conntect to wi-fi.

Other times it connects but any website is unreachable.

Sometimes the connection works for 30 mins / 1 hour and then it stops working, no website is reachable (but the wifi is connected as far as the preference pane says).

The laptop stays in a different room than the router/antenna; If i bring it in the same room the situation get slighty better.

Another mac on the same network works well (no issue reported, no disconnections or so).

I suspect that it may be a problem with the airport card, but I was wandering if there is some test or troubleshooting procedure I can try to be sure, other than Apple Hardware Test, that found no problems.

Any idea or suggestion is welcome.

Thanks in advance :smile: