Troubleshooting slow Upload 50/50 Fiber service

We have a 50Mbps Down and Up fiber connection provided by favorite local vendor, Sonic. Sonic uses AT&T infrastructure and, unlike AT&T provide, stellar customer service and reasonable pricing.

Thing is our Up only measures 5-6Mbps. Consistently.

A ticket was issued today to double check what AT&T have said which is that everything checks out on their end. We have an AT&T supplied Pace 5268 router into which our Mac mini is connected with a wire. A laptop floats around the home and connects wirelessly to the Pace. Speeds on both computers and our new iPhone SE 2020 are ~50Mbps Down and ~5Mbps Up.

AT&T report that our provider (Sonic) is who controls the service and speeds. Sonic claims that is not the case and after some diagnosis believe the router likely needs to be replaced. AT&T does this rarely apparently.

Other Sonic clients in their Forums clearly claim that At&T or the router are likely causes of the Upload only being 10% of what it is supposed to be.

I would appreciate that those of you who understand these technologies and services, share your expertise and insights. Thank you.