Trustworthy vendor of OEM Apple parts?

I’m still a bit uneasy about my Feather M13 1T SSD.
Does anyone know of a vendor that sells genuine Apple parts, such as a 1T SSD for a mid-2015 MacBookPro11,5?


Not MacSales. Their drive caused kernel panics and I returned it.

If things haven’t changed in the last year or so, only Apple authorized repair centers can get genuine apple parts.

With that said, I have purchased at least 3 upgrade MacBook SSDs from Other World Computing in past years. All have worked perfectly.

Thanks Wayne. I had kernel panics with their drive and returned it.

I thought maybe there would be someone who parts out laptops.

+1 for MacSales.

I’d trust a part from them as much as any part from Apple because their reputation is built around being a reputable shop, and my own experience has 100% confirmed that.

+2 for MacSales!

I have used and recommended them for 15 years. Always great service and never a hassle with a warranty issue. Can something slip past them? Yes… but they stand behind their products.

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I presume you’ve tried eBay?