Trying folders in the Doc on 2018 iPad Pro 12.9

Since I’m faithfully adhering to my test of using the iPad Pro exclusively for 30 days and forcing myself to learn new workflows, I thought I’d try moving all icons into folders on the Doc. I routinely use search to launch apps and I use widgets, including Siri shortcuts in the widgets pane, so I’m hoping this will work well. I’ll include my assessment in my write up at the end of the 30 days experiment.


Interesting. I’d never considered putting folders in the iOS dock.

I’ve been using them for a while and love it. I’ve got one for office type apps (Microsoft, google, and apple suites) and one for “other”. Most of the time I get the other ones through spotlight search, but the office ones I’ll pull from the dock.

Yes, same! My set-up is dock with all apps except one slot for a folder which has all remaining apps. For any app in that folder I use Spotlight to open. Very tidy and I get to enjoy my desktop picture! Also, very fast and with keyboard attached Spotlight allows for pulling an app into splitview or slide over so really efficient too.

+1 for using folders in the dock.

Searching for and launching an app from search is fast, so I end up doing that mostly. All my frequently used apps are in the dock together with 4 folders (named: personal, info, make, fun)

with this using slideover and split screen works perfectly!