Trying to create an audio workflow

I oversee several sites that have their own podcasts (or on their own soundcloud profiles). I also maintain a master audio library for all of them as well that users can access instead of the individual sites.

We have several people who help in uploading and it’s hard sometimes to track who uploaded what before it enters the master library.

Initially - I had task in Omnifocus that reminds to check the RSS link or to contact the specific uploader for updates each week.

Currently - Debating if I should utilize something in IFTTT to alert me, or create a Workflow (but not sure what it would be yet)


If there are RSS feeds you could get notifications or email for example via IFTTT. But it sounds to me more like the start of a version control issue if you are wanting to audit who has done what and avoiding conflicts.

Perhaps start by reviewing the process before deciding on how to use technology to help. Maybe something like just giving everyone access to a Google spreadsheet to fill in details and having them strictly follow a logging process might be worth consideration?

I started experimenting with Zapier today, only becuase it works with Omnifocus instead of IFTTT. As of now, it gets an update from the RSS and sends it as task to my Omnifocus. My only complaint is that it sits in my inbox, I don’t see a way to have it placed in the appropriate project as it syncs to Omnifocus.