Trying to find some iOS apps

Howdy everyone.

Looking for three iPad (or web) apps I’ve seen or used but can’t find.

The first was a cool Twitter app (might have been a webpage, but I remember it as an app).

The app. let a person map relationships between twitter people they follow.

It was great — It connected people like a mind map (might also have connected commenters. I could tap on a person and it would show connections they had to other people I followed, etc.

The next one (might have been a capability of the first) let a person map the people they followed by geography.

I’ve found one that maps people who follow you back. That’s TweepsMap [ ]. But TweepsMap limits its geo-mapping to only those who follow you, no way to expand that to those you follow (AFAIK).

The third is a funny one - designed probably for stress relief and/or artsy time.

I saw a woman on a plane run it in front of her fussy child and it calmed them both down…

I can only describe it — It was an art app, where one moved their finger around the screen and “swirling particles” followed the finger around the screen and let one interact with them (sort of a combo look of iron filings being pulled by a magnet and swirling tadpoles in water that might follow one’s finger and/or let them swish through the water and disrupt their pattern).

Any ideas?

Thank you!


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For the third there is a game called Frost that acts like you described.

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The Bloom and Trope apps by Brian Eno sound a little like what you are looking for on the third question. The first question sounds a little like Discovr Apps. They did one for Apps and one for Music, both of which I had, and then there may have been one for people or Twitter as well. They made a bubbly mind map that you could navigate and explore connections. With Apps, you could explore which other apps did similar things to one you already knew about. With Music, you could surf all the connections between different musicians and groups. The Music one is still on the App store but the others are gone.

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That’s it!!

Thanks for figuring it out on a vague description.

I think she showed me the icon and there was no name.

Super. Thanks again!

— Tim


Bloom and the other one may cost me some money. They look pretty neat. :slight_smile:

— Tim

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