Trying to get a motivational quote to show up daily

Hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how to get a daily motivational quote to show up every morning on my iPhone and after searching the forum for a similar topic I thought I’d ask.

I use Things as my task manager so I was thinking that maybe there’s a way to do it there. That way I would have the quote show up as a new task every morning as I review my tasks for the day. (I actually have my list of quotes stored in a project in Things).

Having the quote appear in Things is ideal because I can start my day using my phone or my iPad and it’ll be there until I check it off. Especially for days where I might read it while still not fully awake and I wish to revisit it later on my iPad or Mac

If that’s not possible, a second idea I looked at was creating a shortcut that would show a quote from my list every morning. Problem is that I’m not experienced enough to figure out how to get the shortcut to select the next quote form the list and present it as an alert every morning.

Thanks in advance.

I use the WeCroak app to randomly send me quotes 5 times a day. They’re not my own selected quotes, however.

Thanks @bowline I’ll check it out. This would be a good alternative to using my list of quotes.

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If you put your quotes in Data Jar, you can use these Shortcuts steps to pick a random one and show it to you.

You can make an Automation to run these steps every morning at a given time. Currently, you have to tap a button to give permission for the steps to run, but that won’t be necessary in the next version of iOS.

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Hey @drdrang this worked like a charm! This has motivated me to learn how to create more advanced shortcuts and automations using Data Jar. I also sent a tip to the developer.

Thank you :raised_hands:

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