Trying to make sense of Shortcuts lock screen widget

Has anybody figured out the Shortcuts lock screen widget? If I select it, I get one greyed out icon, which, as best I can tell, does absolutely nothing when I add it as a widget to my lock screen. I’m using ShortFlow to get Shortcuts on my lock screen (although for some reason it often doesn’t show up in the widget list), but I’m wondering if the Shortcuts widget is supposed to do the same thing?

Yes, you can use it to launch your shortcuts. Right after adding the widget, tap on while while you’re still in Customize mode to choose which shortcut to launch.

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Ah, thanks! It was the last step that threw me off. since I generally would tap to remove a widget.

Several apps make use of this widget menu option so it’s worth playing about a bit (for Lock Screen and other widgets). E.g. Reminders lets you set which list is shown, BusyCal lets you tailor which types of calendar event are shown in their widget, Notes app lets you set the folder or note, etc.

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