Trying to prompt app to use to directions home

I’m trying to create a workflow that when I’m trying to go home asks if I’m driving or taking transit/walking. If driving opens home address in Waze, if walking/transit opens Google Maps. Struggling with the input to give me a list to select, right now it only gives me the option of selecting my house as an option… attached are screenshots without my home address.imageimageimageimage

I don’t actually see a Waze option in Workflow, but this is how I would do it : Go Home


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Waze does have a URL scheme you can make use of.

Search for a location.

Navigate to coordinates.

There are further examples using favorites and venues on the Waze deep linking page for developers.

Hope that helps.

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Favorites are easier to use in the waze URL:


In iOS12 i have a Siri Shortcut to “waze home”. When that’s available i’d make another shortcut to “walk home”.


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@RosemaryOrchard, in the “Show Directions” part it allows you to select Waze as an option. I was thinking I could do it that way but maybe not?

@dchar do you have these on your home screen or in the Launcher Pro app to run?

@sylumer when I have a break I’ll look into that!

I used them from the Today widget screen with Launcher.

In iOS 12, i have a Siri shortcut. “Hey Siri, Waze home.”

@RosemaryOrchard I’m just curious, is there a particular reason you’d choose Google Maps over Apple Maps when using the Transit option?

In my case, Google partially supports transit directions in Vienna, whereas none of the other scriptable options even do that! In this case: that’s what was specified in the original post :slight_smile:


Ah, now I get it :grinning:
I should go to sleep now :joy:

Thank you for this. Exactly what I was looking for to make Waze work with favorites.

What’s changed for this with Shortcuts?