Trying to track down a “retired” podcast

Can you help me, with a vague request?

Last week someone recommended a podcast that was retired maybe 2 or 3 years ago. I think it had only one word in its name. It was, apparently, very thoughtful and interesting. And … maybe part of the network.

I think it was mentioned here on talk.mph, though it could have been anywhere mac-related.

I’ve hunted, and I can’t track down the reference.

Any ideas?

This is from 3 years ago. Maybe it is mentioned here. :grinning:

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Relay lists retired shows on their site. Maybe something there will ring a bell (scroll down to see the retired ones).


Can you share what the podcast was about? That may help. Maybe try searching by topic in your podcasting app?

If it’s truly retired, i.e. not on servers any longer, it could be over at the Internet Archive. That’s where I dumped the episodes of my old podcast before I turned off the feed server.

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