Turn off alarm after I’m awake

So I have multiple alarms set. Often I forget to turn them off when I wake up. Then when eating breakfast these scare the crap out of my dad. Anybody have an easy workflow for this?

Yeah - train yourself to turn off the alarm when you first pick up your phone. (said in “mom voice”) :grinning:


Set one alarm to go to bed, and one to get up. Do that.
Optimal workflow :slight_smile:

I use Sleep Time myself. It has an increasing, musical alarm. You can snooze it by lifting the phone. It also senses when you’re stirring around and goes off then. Should be less jarring to you and your dad.

I prefer vibration alarms on fitness trackers for the same reason. They will wake you, but are not disturbing in any way.


Move out of home? :joy::joy::joy:


LOLs. Context: I’m deaf in my right ear so I sleep on my left. Hence why I often might sleeep through my alarm.

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It needs to happen yes…!

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Simple: use a loud alarm app that recurs every x minutes until you mark it completed, then resets to the next day.

I use Due, whose loud, persistent ‘Nautical Bellls’ reminder (there are many tones to choose from) never fails to get my attention. In the past I set it up as a weekday alarm that repeated every 2 minutes until acknowledged, whereupon it’d reset for the next weekday morning.Due App — Persistent And Noisy

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Haha! Context is everything! :grinning:

I’ll give Due’s alarms a shot, maybe a reminder to turn my alarms off as well might be in order

Due is a completely nagging pain in the butt, so it might work. lol
I’ve actually missed doing things because I had to make Due leave me alone when I couldn’t do them. (I know about snoozing, etc. )

Done that too.


I aim to put only my must do now. in Due. In Things 3 I put reminders. I used to put “morning routine” stuff in Things. Now walk & meds are in Due. They will be done. Earthquakes above 7 may be a reason to delay. Appointments and work schedule, and water veggie garden are in Things.

The only logic here… it working

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You can use Siri Shortcuts to switch off all the alarms at once. Since it can be triggered both by voice and from widgets menu, it is quite easy to do it once you wake up.

  1. Open Shortcuts app
  2. Tap on Create Shortcut
  3. Select Clock from the drop menu
  4. Select the list of alarms with disable tag
  5. Tap on Done

From here you can tap assign this shortcut a Siri command or add it to your home screen or widget panel and it will turn off all the alarm at once.

Pro tip: Remember to check off the Show when run command for each disable action. It will make sure that your shortcut is run in the background and you are not prompted by any notification.


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You could set a new alarm to remind you to turn off the old ones.

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