Turn off Siri listening after announce?

Since I’m frequently roaming around the house away from my phone, I have Siri set to announce short messages on my AirPods Pro. But then it seems to be automatically listening for a response, and it starts typing whatever I say, seemingly whether or not I’ve indicated I want to reply…unless my regular conversation with my girlfriend (which isn’t talking about “replying” to anything :slight_smile: ) is just triggering it basically every single time?

It’s irritating, because once it thinks it’s having a response dictated to it there’s almost no way to deal with it other than to let it read out the text message it thinks I want to send (a long snippet of conversation), and then say “no”.

Has anybody ever had this problem? Is there any way to tell Siri that I don’t want it to auto-listen after it reads out messages?

Does saying “Siri stop” after it reads the message have any effect?

I’ll give that a try. Thanks!

This is hilarious, though, no?

It is, except that it’s talking in my ear during a conversation I’m trying to have with somebody else and there’s no useful way to get it to shut up.

That said, I’ve actually had it queue up a message (replying to one of those five-digit auto message things) saying, en toto, “shut up Siri” and ask me whether I wanted to send it. :slight_smile:

No. In the past Siri would announce an message, etc. then ask if I wanted to reply. Now I only get the notification and then, as I recently learned, Siri automatically starts transcribing anything I say then asks if I’m ready to send.

I wear a single airpod pro when driving and granted, the first time this happened to me was funny. I paid for a cup of coffee with a credit card and received the expected text from my bank which Siri announced. But when I said thank you to the person who handed me my coffee, Siri asked me if I was ready to send!

But it’s no longer funny. Siri’s previous behavior when I received a text was helpful. This “improvement” is a PITA.