Turn off timer with Siri?

I love that I can use Siri to turn on a timer when I’m doing yoga. I can be up in headstand and yell: “Hey Siri, set a 5 minute timer.” I can also ask Siri “How much time is left?” and get a clear answer. What I can’t do, however, is stop the timer. When the alarm goes off Siri can’t hear me over the alarm. I have to get up and go over to my phone to shut the thing off. Any suggestions?

I believe an Apple Watch would come in handy in a situation like the one you described and would work perfectly for you.

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I don’t know if that’s a feature, buuuut

  1. Tried setting a low tone?
  2. Considered using the “Stop music” when timer ends, and just play some yoga music or whatever?
  3. Or just by a HomePod. With this you defiantly can stop the timer with your voice.

Ah, #2 seems like a good way to handle this. Especially like that it doesn’t require buying new hardware! Thanks.