Turn On MacBook Pro in Clamshell?

This is clearly a first world problem, but is it possible to turn on a MacBook Pro with the lid closed?

I am considering using a stand to place the Mac vertically on my desk to save space when connected to an external keyboard/mouse/monitor. It would be less efficient if every morning I have to take the computer out of the stand, open the lid, let it boot up, login, then close the lid and replace it in the stand. At the same time, I am not keen on leaving it on 24/7.

Ideally, it would be great if there is a way to power up the computer while it remains closed in the stand.

I think there is not, but here is an article describing a work-around that may solve your problem:


I’m not 100% sure I read the question right, but I think the only thing you need to do is have the macbook connected to power, and it should work. But again, you might be looking for something else?

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This sounds like the solution. Thanks!

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I just left mine on overnight. My offsite backup only runs at night and there are other chron jobs that kick off in the wee hours.

I never investigated why it works, but I have a MySQL database on my MacBook. I’ve never not been able to access across the local area network when it’s lid was shut (I shut it earlier in the day while running). Also have can “ssh” into it. So … it’s running.