Turn your Ducky One 2 into an Magic Keyboard

The Ducky One 2 SF is a great keyboard, but first it didn’t work nice with my Mac. The main issue was that it didn’t worked after waking the Mac from sleep. Replugging the keyboard solved this. Ducky also released a firmware update and now it just works.

I also discovered another solution that solves the waking issue. Besides that, it also turns your Ducky keyboard to act like an external Magic Keyboard (e.g. using the function keys as media keys). It turned out to be an easy hack and I wrote a post about how it works for anyone who wants to use it: https://wimpostma.com/blog/ducky-one-2-keyboard-macos/


Woah, thanks for this info! The updater only comes with Windows Executable *.exe format, so I guess I should borrow someone’s laptop.

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You don’t need the firm update if you use the other fix. And yes, it’s annoying that they only release a .exe, It’s a Windows keyboard first so I understand the choice.