Turning off iCloud Photos

Hey all!

I’m turning off iCloud Photo Library on my mac.
In preferences, I have it set to download all originals to this Mac.
When I scroll to the bottom of the Photos section, it says, “Updated Just Now”

However, when I go to turn off iCloud Photo Library, it gives me the warning message, " 25 low-resolution photos and videos will be removed from this Mac. Full-resolution versions will remain in iCloud."

With over 50k photos, there is no way for me to tell which 25 they are talking about. I’m just concerned that one of these mysterious 25 photos are actually important.

Is there any way to see which 25 they are talking about? Or a way to remove the error message?


It’s just talking about local copies. The originals are still in the cloud library. Why would you want to check them out locally? You won’t have lost any of them.

@JKoopmans – Sorry, I wasn’t clear. I would like to stop using iCloud photos altogether. So they will no longer be in iCloud.

I’m no Photos expert, but I’ll got an idea you might try: make a smart album that tags photos with smaller resolution. This might find your 25 low-res photos.

If that doesen’t work, maybe your Photos library (your actual library file), contains the answer? Maybe if you took a copy of the file and stored somewhere safe, turned off iCloud Photos, and then compared the two libraries?

Third shot, if this is a “bug”, turning it off and then turning it on, to get these 25 photos re-downloaded, then turning it off, might help. Take a backup before doing this also.

I don’t have a Mac available (iPad lifestyle yo), so I don’t know if smart albums have this capasity, but better give it a shot.

Good luck turning off iCloud Photos!