Tweetdeck has had a makeover

Well it seems to have for me anyway… will take some getting used to from the look of it.

OK an initial appraisal.

Limited to 5 separate accounts, before you could “manage” other accounts from one central account, this seems to have been removed. As someone who manages social media for several of our clients it looks like I am going to have to either use another browser for our own business Tweetdeck usage as I have exhausted my new limit on (client) accounts, or investigate if I can use something like a SSB setup. At this stage seems a downgrade at least for my usage.

Scheduling tweets now opens up a modal window, and while there may be more options it is certainly more friction when doing a quick tweet to go out in a couple of hours time. I will probably get used to it.

It’s a lot more gaudy. The old Tweetdeck was pretty utilitarian but worked, this is a lot more slick but it may be a case of style over substance at least when it comes to usability. Still on the fence on this one.

Overall I think it’s going to change how we do things at least for clients. At the moment we do marketing tweets daily scheduled to go out at set times. This involved a quick dive into Tweetdeck, at about 8am and would take 10-15 minutes. I can see going forward this might take a fair bit longer to do under the more complex modal window system.

I am guessing the scheduling is more geared towards longer term scheduling where granular control is more important but the ones we do are day sensitive so that’s not relevant.

Looks like more work and time changing processes for me. with no extra income. A reminder of the perils of building an income stream off someone else’s systems.


I am surprised Tweetdeck still functions. I had thought it went away with Twitterrific! (Which I miss dearly.) Thanks for the detailed update.

TweetDeck is not a third-party tool for quite some time…

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