TwelveSouth Forté MagSafe iPhone stand

I’m really liking the TwelveSouth Forté MagSafe stand. I’ve bought two and will probably eventually get a third, once I start going back in to the office. They really got the weight right (the base is a solid chunk of metal) so that you can easily pick the phone up off the stand rather than grabbing the phone and having the stand come with it. The adjustable angle is nice too.


I’m liking Twelvesouth’s iPad and MagSafe docks. I think they’ve made some nice decisions here in form/function.

This looks great! Are you using it with a (non-MagSafe) case?

Nope. I run my phone caseless.

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I have one of these also, and it has completely replaced this stand that I was using, which seemed like a good idea, but it had no weight to it, and using it wasn’t as good of an experience as it should have been. (It sold for $20 when I bought it. Now seems to be going for $6.50.)

I also thought that the “tilt it up and use it to charge your AirPods” was a silly feature, but most nights that’s exactly what I do before I head to bed.

(Oh, I am using one of Apple’s “MagSafe compatible” changes.)