TwelveSouth - HoverBar Duo

I have just bought one of these… I was under the impression you could re-position the iPad as and when required but it feels like I need to tighten each bit so it doesnt move on its own…is that the case?! How easy is it to reposition without having to get the Hex Wrenches out?

I tightened everything one time when I first received it and have been able to make fine-tuning adjustments ever since, no wrenches needed, I just reposition it by hand. As I remember, the lowest hinge was funky to adjust and I had to review the instructions, but haven’t had to touch it since.

I love the Hover Bar Duo, in fact, I’m typing on it right now!

That is awesome news. Thank you!!!

That’s such a shame. I must say if this works as well as I hoped I might have to get a second!

Been wanting to order this since I have the original Hoverbar for the iMac but hard to justify the $43 shipping cost :frowning:

My guess is that they’re either having quality control issues or it requires significant hand strength to tighten. I’ve had no trouble with mine, but I generally only make tilt adjustments to the top, not overall height adjustments. But I’ve had one client return hers because it wouldn’t hold the iPad without sagging.