TwelveSouth MagicBridge replacement - DIY

Today I finally replaced my aging, and oh so cracked, TwelveSouth MagicBridge. It has served me well for a few years, but it really wasn’t designed to sit in my lap.

Here is my replacement solution: an IKEA cutting board (the “Fascinera”) and a few strips of double-sided TESA floorlaying tape. Feels really good, and this configuration gives me a small palm rest too. I might need a few more tape strips, due to the small rubber feet under the two devices though.


I expect cracking won’t be a problem :slight_smile:


Very nice, smart! I love messing about with this kind of thing. I’m constantly fiddling with different ways to arrange things, that’s a part of the fun of the iPad. Here are a couple of my recent experiments. The first was just some very thin plywood I had in my shed.

The second is more compact and lighter, using a Logitech Combo Touch flipped upside down. I put some black foam in to provide a rest area for my hands and keyboard and to hold the trackpad in place. My favorite thus far and most used as I’ve been tending to use the iPad elevated in the swivel arm stand.

These freeform arrangements have the added benefit of switching out keyboards as desired :nerd_face: