Twist iOS ETA Notifications

About 5 years ago I used an app called Twist. It would send an ETA message to a contact in your phone. If the receiving party had the app they would watch your route. I’ve tried many replacements in the last 5 years but nothing was as good as Twist. When I leave work my wife likes to know when I’m coming home to prepare dinner. What do you use?

You can do this with Waze

You can do this very similarly in Apple Maps

Or check out an app called Glympse

I have an NFC tag in my car and this automation on my phone:

(“Going Home” is the name assigned to the tag.)

The actions that run when I put my phone by the tag are these:

The first step gets the driving time to my house (the address of which I had to enter explicitly, even though the phone knows my home address—another sign of Apple’s software quality decline). It then composes a text that includes my estimated arrival time and sends it to my wife.

The nice thing about this is that it isn’t tied to my leaving work, so my wife doesn’t get erroneous messages when I run errands away from the office in the middle of the day, and the same automation works when I’m driving home from another location.

This could have been written as a Siri shortcut. I did it as an NFC tag-triggered automation because I’d bought a few tags to experiment with.

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