Twitter muting filters

I use the muting of words and hashtags a lot on Twitter.

Does anyone know if I decide to mute a phrase like “gaming console” as I’m not interested in gaming consoles.

I still want the words gaming and console to appear separately in my feed as they have different meaning when apart.

Does anyone know if Twitter muting filters only mutes the phrase or mutes the individual words as well?

I believe it should work like their search filters, that is, if you enclose the terms in quotes, it should only exclude that exact expression, letting both words appear separately even in the same tweet.

So when muting gaming consoles I should add “gaming consoles” ?

I think so, but I left Twitter a while ago, so some experimentation should be in order to be really sure. :slightly_smiling_face: Try this with anything you currently see in your timeline to check if it indeed works that way.

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Thanks I will try that