Twitter posts being sent via text

Here’s a strange one:

My Dad and I both have Twitter accounts. Somehow he got it set up so that everything I (and only I) post on Twitter it gets delivered to him as a text message. He does not recall setting this up and digging into Twitter settings didn’t yield any results.

I’m know we’ve both dabbled in IFTTT, me more so than him, but is it possible he created a recipe a long time ago and now can’t turn it off?

Any other ideas for how he might have done this would be welcome as I’d like to disable this feature.

Thanks everyone!

What number is sending the text? 40404 is Twitter’s.

Maybe this will help:

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Thanks for the idea - it is coming from the 404-04 number that is Twitter.

Does that mean he set it up on his account to pull from mine, or would I have had to do something on mine? I do not recall ever setting this up on mine.

He would have set it up. I’ve used this feature before to get one person’s tweets. Just to double check, there’s nothing in settings -> notifications -> SMS Notifications -> View users? It’s also possible another twitter account is managing the phone number and he’d have to look there. Here’s a direct link to check, too:


Your Dad would have to send a text to 40404 with one of the following commands:

  • OFF : turns ALL phone notifications off.

  • OFF [username] : turns off notifications for a specific person on your phone. Example: OFF sheeda

Best plan is just to have him text OFF to 40404


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Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!!