Twitter software for iOS/iPad wanted

Twitter software for iOS/iPad wanted. Tired of the web interface and Twitter’s own app. But what is it that I wish for?

  • Ability to read tweets in chronological order
  • Avoid “maybe you like this user” (I follow those I follow)
  • Avoid seeing posts from Elon Musk (which I don’t follow)
  • Avoid seeing some people’s “retweet” (following many people who write good tweets but share a lot of other people’s posts.)

So I’m wondering if you guys have any tips for anything useful?
What do you use yourself (and why)

I use the standard Twitter app. AppStories gave a favorable review of “Spring for Twitter” on their podcast S1 E305 “A Close-Up Look at Anybox and Spring”. Sounds interesting. Costs 11.99 USD. Has a lite version to try. You can look for it in the App Store. Also works on Mac. I may give it a try.

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I use tweetbot, it does all but stopping the RT thing from coming in.


Twitterrific on iPhone allows me to turn off retweets by user and I think would meet your other requirements.

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Tweetdeck is the way to go. Chronological, the ability to mute users, keywords and hashtags.

You can also turn off retweets by an individual user.

It’s a great piece of software


You can stop retweets by individual users and can mute or block any particular user, e.g. Musk.

Right you can mute them in regular twitter app too…. figured that part was obvious

A shout out for Spring, parity across all 3 platforms and pretty customisable.


I really like Twitterrific Muffle feature. Unlike Mute which made the tweet disappeared completely, Muffle collapses the tweet, so only the name of the poster is shown. You tap on it and the tweet expanded. So, you could Muffle all retweets and when you want to read selected retweets, just tap on them. It’s the one feature that made Twitterrific different from all others.

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I’m a Tweetbot user. It allows me to view chronologically and syncs between my devices.

I remembered there was a thread about using Twitter and filtering crap out. I can’t remember where the thread is now but I do remember the core message.

Don’t follow people, just add them to a Twitter list and make it private. I have a list for Mac-centric accounts and another list for Productivity people I follow.

I couldn’t stand the official Twitter app’s insistence of inserting ads/promotions, and possible accounts to follow (because someone else I followed also follows other unrelated accounts) into the main Timeline. The private lists are curated and nothing else shows up. There’s no ads or Elon Musk tweets. I didn’t like the idea of checking my Timeline and an ad pops up in every 5th tweet which destroys the flow when I’m trying to follow certain topics.

Life is so much simpler when I use private lists.

Thank you very guys. Tweetbot it is, and what a life saver.! ”Twitter is great again” :wink: