Two Clicks to reload a Safari Page


The “reload” button is now gone from Safari, replaced with the three dot menu, which drops down to a reload option. Kind of annoying. Screen shot was taken on a 32 in curved monitor so I don’t think space was an issue.

Screen Shot 2021-06-07 at 7.48.09 PM




I really don’t like Apple’s current design trend to hide as many controls as possible behind clicks and hovers. It’s a computer. Buttons are okay.


I think Apple should break the pattern of giving people with 3 character names too much decision power over interface design.

is there new “Reload button” option for “Customize Toolbar…” menu item?

I’ve been wondering, where do the extension buttons live with that new compact design?

There’s a pull down to reload gesture on ipad. Is it not available on mac?


While I agree with this sentiment in general, I think in the new version of Safari we’re actually getting a functional benefit rather than just a visual one (merging the tab bar and with the toolbar, reducing the amount of real estate dedicated to UI chrome).

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