Two external Monitors on a 2018 MacBook Pro 13", is it possible in the long term even if one of them is 5k?

I have a MacBook Pro 2018 13” with the upgraded i7 processor. It is connected to a LG ultra 5K display. Before this beauty I used an old Thunderbolt Apple display with a dongle. The technical specs from Apple define that this MacBook can only run one 5K external monitor or two 4K (a 15" can manage two 5K monitors). I challenged this by connecting both displays to the MacBook and found that they work perfectly. I also have the Black Magic eGPU, the one sold by Apple connected to the 5K LG display.

It would be great to work with both monitors, seems like a dream! However since I plugged both and during 15 minutes, the fan did not stop working. The machine heated a lot and I decided to unplug it. I am worried that if I use it like this daily, it may be pushing the hardware too hard and damage the MacBook.

What do you think? Can I assume that if the display works, it means Apple prepared the MacBook to be used like this? Is the external GPU perhaps helping? Should I use the two screens on a daily basis?

Thank you for any of your thoughts.

(I attach the pictures)