Two factor Verification Driving Me Insane

I posted this is the wrong group - hoping someone here can offer some advice.

I have turned on 2FV, mainly because I wanted imessage in the cloud.

My problem is that I am in a loop on my apple TV. I enter email > enter password > input verification number > enter email… it just goes round in a loop. Any thoughts on how to break the circle, otherwise I will have to turn it off - the family almost killed me tonight.

BTW when you use just an iPhone as an ATV remote there seems to be no way to input the verification number, I had to go and get the iPad. Very poor UX design



Was there ever a solution found for this?

I turned on two factor authentication in order to use the new sidecar feature on macOS with my iPad. However after setting up two factor, sidecar still did not work because my iPad is a 5th generation and it is not compatible. Now I would like to turn off two factor authentication because I do not want to put in a password on my iPad every time I open it. Is it possible to turn two factor off?

I searched and found no easy way to opt out of 2FA. It was a poor decision on my part to enable it. I believe in security but the way 2FA is managed (or mangled) today is a mess.

I also don’t get the hubris coming from companies that employ poor csat policy like failing to let us opt out or ramming me into your password generators.

We get it, security is important but you have to stop forcing people into situations they don’t wish to be in.

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I was able to roll back the two factor with a link from Apple that they emailed me when I set up two factor. This was sent by Apple in case my account was hacked. This method warned that I will not be able to use my payment methods until I reenable two factor though. I plan on sorting that out with a phone call in the future, but for now I don’t have access to my $10 worth of iTunes gift cards. I’m back to functioning like normal!

Wow this was a while ago. I did solve it in the end. If I remember correctly it was something around appending the passcode to the end of the password. But I will need to find the solution again to check.


For what its worth I have just come out of a significant Apple ID/iCloud migration project and Apple 2FA worked absolutely flawlessly. I would not hesitate to suggest to anyone that it should be enabled.

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Make sure you have the 2FA on your Apple ID is working well. On your Mac and iOS devices.

Here is the solution I used. This one is from the Apple discussions/help boards

ALL the problems here are the result of the two-factor code’s 30-second time out. By the time you put in your password on the Appletv, the code you’d received up front has expired.

The solution is to get the two-factor code AFTER you’ve typed in your password (and before you hit enter), then add the six digit code to the end of the password and it works.

How do you get a fresh code when you want it?

On iphone or ipad

  • go to settings, iCloud
  • click on your iCloud ID at top of screen
  • click on “Password & Security”
  • click on “Get Verification code”

Append that new code to the password on your apple tv and you’re done.


@Nick Thanks for digging up this info.

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